New Ways of Work.

The ‘NEW’ in that phrase can also easily refer to ‘change’. Change isn’t easy, something we’re all working through in this para-normal during Covid-19.

Today, my story starts with telling the tale of the most difficult client session I’ve experienced (yet) and the lessons I’ve learned…

Embrace, don’t Bridge!

Recently, I joined a group of business leaders at a talk hosted by a renowned business leader — a question lingering in the room was how to bridge the gap between Millennials (the stereotypical “Young Ones”) and Baby Boomers (the clichéd “Experienced Ones”).

According to an article by Deloitte [1]

How does a growing business replicate the founders’ entrepreneurial DNA, values and attitudes in new team members, especially when the team is growing fast?

In thinking about this problem, we aimed to protect the precious commodity of time for the existing team and leadership, yet make sure new team members…

Did you hear about the union of culture and technology? We did — and guess what — we’re invited to the celebrations!

We’d like to say that we’re delightfully surprised, but to be honest, this engagement doesn’t surprise us at all in fact, it’s been a long time coming.


Dynamite comes in small packages. And sometimes, this dynamite is a colourful one — sticky notes.

I feel so strongly about the value they can add to both the structure and outcome of meetings that I’d go as far as to say that they should be an essential for every

Kaleidoscope Performance Perspectives

The future of work is here. We work with organisations to change and shape a new and better way of working.

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